Breathing You

Breathing You

icon-album-title tytuł: Breathing You
icon-songs-list muzyka: Romuald Lipko i Krzysztof Cugowski
icon-song-text słowa: Jonathan Carroll

Breathing you lasts a lifetime
Wanting you – twice as long.
The blind man now sees in color.
His weak eyes grown strong.

Breathing you makes its own rules.
Wanting you knows no laws
When two hearts dance together
They need no applause

I walked too many streets and days alone
Saw too many lives I wished were my own
Every hour the life that I wore was the thinnest fabric,
That so easily tore.

And I promised, I prayed and I cried
For just one chance to live days on fire
All the poets said it was true
What they didn’t tell me was I needed you.
Breathing you parts the waters
Wanting you
Clears the skies

That first breath of you
Changed all others
Days on fire never lie.